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in the drive in theater. you have the biggest screen in north america? >>> well, i say usa, but technically, north america. it's 52 x 120. >> how many drive ins are left in maryland and in the country. >> well, in maryland, there's one. >> that's the country, that's the benjies and in the country, it seems for the last five or six years to be around 600 sites. >> and ken adam. how many drive ins are left. >> last count, 381 and 628 screens. >> okay. >> let's talk about you're being on facebook. how do we get the word out. >> we're on facebook/benjies and we're approaching 10,000 fans. that's a big am and we're giving away cool prizes. >> well, very good. we want to talk to shawn. we'll get on the other side. how are you. >> i'm fine. you put our name in lights, thank you. how long did it take you? >> well, getting the letters, about an hour each side of the board. >> well, when you first did this. how long did it take you? >>> well, at least two hours each time, closer to four hours. >> i heard you developed an affinity with it. you carry more letters and getting everything down. well, we t
's approaching delicate areas and the oil slick could be america's worst environmental disaster in decades. >>> and in supports, another tough loss for the orioles at the hand of the yankees. rodriguez picks up the markakis grounder and throes him out and canoe hits a home run and now,the orioles will welcome the red sox for a three game series and this weekend, it will be masn on wjz. that's here on wjz. now, one of the cooler sports stories of the day. the spur's guard, tony parker had a lot on his mind last night. >> freethrow! going to buy me a new car. >> that was the head coach telling if they missed, they would have to buy him a car and sure enough, parker missed his shot. there's no word on when and if he'll pay up. the spurs went on to win the game. >>> and we wanted to mention this again if i say so myself, this is the weekend of the kentucky derby, there's the website. tomorrow's the first saturday in may and it's the kentucky derby. this year, it sets the stage for the preakness stakes and i'll tell you why. lee ann rimes. >> where's her hat. >> well, i was mentioning, normally
it part of a plan to bring america closer to energy independence. the proposal includes 31 miles of maryland coastline. people here are divided. >> oil and water simply don't mix. it will be bad for the bay and bad for the creatures. we're trying o to get the bay better, not allow it to be worse. >> relative to where the gas prices are going, i don't understand why they don't get off their high horse and start doing something. >> the governor used to be opposed to drilling off the coast of maryland. now he says he's neutral on the idea >>> hundreds of billions of dollars are at stake and it could affect your community. today is the last day you have to mail your census form back in on time. andrea fujii is live outside the local census headquarters. good morning again, andrea. >> reporter: good morning don and good morning everyone. we have all seen the ads and heard the messages. today is the deadline to send in your census forms. so far only half of marylanders have done so. >> it may be deadline day, but the fight to get your census form is just beginning. >> we've put a parti
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.99 a month for verizon fios tv, america's top-rated internet, and phone guaranteed for 2 years. that's fios price protection, and it saves you hundreds of dollars. fios delivers the best channel lineup and the peace of mind that comes with paying the same low price every month. call 1.888.get.fios now to lock in $99.99 with a 2-year agreement. a price guaranteed for 2 years. we'll even include a free dvr for 6 months. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >>> we have gray skies in the area and for the most part, the rain has left the state. well, that's a bit of a ground clutter pattern. we'll go to a high around 63 and we'll see how quickly the skies clear out. we're calling for some this afternoon. and partly cloudy and 39 tonight. tomorrow, mostly sunny and breezy and 63. we're looking at a speck tag tackler warmup. >> -- spectacular warmup. >>> maryland lawmakers want you to get energy efficient appliances. >> reporter: maryland's version of the cash for appliances kicked off today. they helped guide customers to energy saving appliances that q
almost every modernist painter in the world. particularly those in the united states of america where modernism became the painting style of choice. we're taking you to the bma to a really cool place you've never been. we're showing you something that took years to bring to baltimore. tell you what sharon has wjz traffic control, first warning weather. clouds out there giving us a couple showers. no clouds later on. first warning details combing ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> first warning doppler weather radar, it's interesting what's happened in the past hour. shower activities migrated rapidly south of mason-dixon line. we were looking at showers that would stay north of the metro. it is a reinforcing push of warm and more humid air. a spring like scenario this morning. some light maybe thunder showers out here approaching the 83 corridor. nothing severe. but certainly is going to smell and maybe even sound like spring to some before not too long. let's look at the current, once this is past, sun comes out, temperatures move into the upper 80s again today. 63, with 75% humidity. winds ca
later. bye bye. >> america's favorite couple. god's honest truth. >> my wife won't miss two things grey's anatomy and family jewels. >> gene just turned 60. >> we are taking a break and we are coming right back. can't way to go home and be short and bald. [wind rustling] [sound of waves crashing] [upbeat whistling in background] discover all that northwest florida has to offer. seventeen hidden beaches, one revealing destination. fly southwest's new nonstops from bwi airport to panama city beach starting at $99 one-way. (ding) >>> here come updates from christy and marty over at the weather center. >> just a great afternoon and evening with a high of 74 degrees. bike riding weather, john. now over to ch. >> good morning, marty. we just have gotten word southbound 295, a vehicle fire approaching arundel's mill boulevard. as far as other delays, a slight delay, southbound 95 from white marsh boulevard up to the harbor tunnel thruway. sluggish from 795 to security boulevard. in the towson area we do have some traffic lights on flash. york road at sister pierre and that water main break sti
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8